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Angina Academy

Angina Academy is just one initiative being developed by Menarini Asia-Pacific as part of our larger commitment to supporting the Cardiology community across the region.

Our mission

Angina Academy has been founded by Menarini Asia-Pacific to review, define and solve the most pressing issues in treating chronic stable angina for cardiologists and their patient communities across Asia-Pacific. By bringing together regional experts in angina management, we aim to generate practical solutions that will address key unmet clinical needs in this disease area. In doing so, we hope to encourage the sharing of knowledge and expertise across our region, bringing our diverse communities of cardiologists closer together and improving outcomes for our patients with angina.

Our Regional Steering Committee

We have engaged angina experts from five countries across the region to form a Regional Steering Committee to help focus and direct our efforts in addressing unmet needs in angina across the region.

Dr. Wiwun Tungsubutra


Dr. Joshua Loh


Dr. Choo Gim Hooi


Dr. Adrian Cheong

Hong Kong S.A.R., China