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Menarini Asia-Pacific improves the lives of people in the region by providing them rapid market access to innovative healthcare brands from around the world. We do this through our established global network, strong expertise across key therapeutic areas, proven brand and sales know-how, and deep experience in all major Asia-Pacific markets.

Menarini Asia-Pacific is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Menarini Group. Leveraging the strengths of its global infrastructure, we are able to tap onto extensive global resources and our own unique local customer insights to deliver innovative brands from R&D, through to manufacturing, regulatory approvals and commercialization.

Through our team of over 3,000 passionate sales, marketing and support professionals, Menarini Asia-Pacific manages a diverse portfolio of proprietary healthcare brands as well as licensed brands from global biotech and multinational companies. Menarini is a trusted European partner who can be the gateway for those who want to tap into the Asia-Pacific growth story. For more information about Menarini Asia-Pacific, please visit www.menariniapac.com.